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How to get started with Praat

Dear fellow (future) linguists,

I have a few posts on this blog that deal with the free software program for doing phonetics by computer, namely Praat. If you got curious and want to do some phonetic experiments yourself, than this mini-instruction  should help you get started. I created this little instruction sheet for my students to provide a learning-by-doing guideline.

It includes:

  1. How to open/create a file
  2. How to view the spectrogram
  3. How to show and get the formants
  4. How to add a TextGrid to the spectrogram
  5. How to add phonetic symbols to the TextGrid
  6. How to save files with (or without) the TexGrid

I hope this raises your curiosity and your spirit of discovery!…and that it may help you exploring Praat!

To be continued…