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Just a little throughput…

Dear fellow linguists,

I just wanted to share a few links:

This is a great article I found in the German quaterly Fluter. Every issue is dedicated to one specific political, cultural, societal, economic (etc.) topic. One of the most interesting issues for me of course was dealing with LANGUAGE. The article entitled “Weissu – is krasse Sprache: Jugendliche Migraten mischen das Hochdeutsch auf” written by Hadija Haruna deals with contemporary German ethno- and sociolects. Although, or perhaps even because it is not an ‘academic’ linguistic article, it gives a good introduction into several sociolinguistic topics. It addresses phenomena like covert and covert prestige, code-switching and the fact that new language forms are creative and innovative. I used it in class to approach these terms and found it very useful. I hope you like it as well.

This link leads to a very interesting research that has been conducted. A gigantic corpus analysis that should reveal the question: “L’anglais, une  language optimiste?” /Is English an optimistic language? If your interested, click and read! And if you want read something about it in English, here you go.

Stay curious!